Lube Info

Don’t forget that Lube Job….
> Does anyone recall how many front end grease zerks are on our trucks???

DaveP says he knows.

A total of 11.

There are 5 between the frame rails.
1 on each end of inner tie-rods (that face each other),
2 on the idler arm on the pass side,
and 1 on the pitman arm on the drivers side.
The forward one on the idler arm is almost impossible to access on my 92. I don’t have a skid plate, so I can’t make an assessment as to accessibility with it in place, but it’s not easy even with it missing.

There are then 3 at each wheel: upper and lower ball joint, and the outer tie rod end.

Every time you change your oil put 3 pumps of grease in each of the ball joints and 2 in the steering knuckles. If you pump until grease comes out you are “blowing” the seal and inviting dirt to contaminate the joint.